November Reading
Written by Pastor Hickman   
Friday, 01 November 2013

  The most important written document in the world has always been the spoken, breathed Word of God.  Jesus established that well-known fact to the first family in the Garden of Eden... Adam and Eve!  They learned that following the Word of God always brings pleasure in life through peace with God.  Although God's Word to the english-speaking world, the KJV Bible, is available in book form, on DVD, MP3 and on the internet, its' value is basically untapped.  Many believers do not have a testimony of investing themselves into its' truth on a daily basis and the apathy of the local church is the unholy by-product.  In comparison, the lives of faithful men and women down through the ages bear witness to the life giving power that is promised on every page, every line and every word.

   We invite you to make a habit of reading the King James Bible daily.  As an opportunity to instill the Lord's Words in your everyday living, we offer you this "Bible Study Quiz."  It will challenge you to recall what you have read and hide it in your heart.  Many believers from around the world have been encouraged to grow in "the faith"  by taking a few moments daily to Pray, Read and Study the Word of God.  Please be included in this number as we review the Gospel of John, the Acts of the Apostles, Romans, I and II Corinthians and into the Book of Galatians.  A consistant exposure to God and his Word naturally produces true spirituality and greater service for Him!

The Baptist Pulpit
Written by Pastor Hickman   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011


     At Friendship Baptist Church we hold forth the Word of God (KJV) as our Lord's only "building and battling book."  We are thankful to stand for strong Biblical preaching in love, sound doctrine and unwavering devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word... earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints.  Here you will find relevant sermons that will deal with the issues of a man's life, his search to know and serve the living Savior. 

     For over 30 years, our pulpit has been the holy ground from which some of the greatest Men of God...Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists and Laymen, alike, have proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Some of the names you may be familiar with, some not... but that doesn't change the importance of the message.  Some of the things you will hear you may like, some not... but that doesn't change the valuable, life-giving quality of the message.  We trust you will find that these men and messages, too, are dedicated in the divine calling of "Teaching the Word -Touching the World!" 

The Family Altar - Bible Study
Written by Pastor Hickman   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011

The Family Altar is a ministry of the Friendship Baptist Church family to your family.  We know the key to a prosperous, productive, happy Christian life is found in constant exposure to the Word of God, the King James Bible!  Our fellowship in God's Word increases our faith, and, as we learn more about God in knowledge, we apply it in wisdom. This affects a change in our life and draws others to his image!

With these thoughts in mind, please take part in our online "KJV Daily Bible Reading Guide" that will enable you to develop the discipline of a steady diet in the Word of God.  This guide will lead you to embark upon a task, that sadly, the average Christian has never accomplished... to read the King James Bible through in one full year!  


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